Monday 4 November 2013


The body or the mind: which is more powerful? Perhaps a better question would be: Your body or your mind- which is more powerful?

When your body craves for sleep, rest or fun when you need to get things done, what do you do?

Your body has been over-pampered and you have arrogated to it powers and influence it neither deserves nor requires.

Usually, you always have the kind of excuses most will consider genuine. Those excuses removed the guilt you should have from your mind while you succumb to your body.

You do not know what you possess: the power of your mind can produce magnificent results for you in spite of how your body feels.
Sleep, hunger, thirst, stress, pains, fear and others cannot stand the power of your mind if you can focus on your desires.

I have just had an unbelievable, eyes-opening, fear-breaking, mind-blowing, power-packed, faith-soaring, awesome 72 hours at a training camp.

No phones, no internet, no watch, little food, two and half hours sleep each night, walked blind-folded, bent IRON rod with my neck, flew from a height backwards into a net manned by friends and several more incredible and unbelievable things.

And what did I find out?
1.The mind is more powerful that the body. The body will obey ANYTHING the mind wants, regardless of how the body feels.
2. 'Fear' is nothing when you focus on achieving your goals. It never can stop a determined mind.
3. 'Impossibility' is a false word. There is nothing that cannot be done if you make up your mind that NOT doing it is NOT an option. You can ALWAYS find A way.
4. TEAM:Together, Each Achieve More. Nothing rocks like team work; nothing!
5. You cannot achieve your utmost in life unless you learn to trust.
6. The justifications we give to our excuses are exactly what is keeping us grounded and from flying. If you really want to, you will find a way to eliminate the excuses. But most times, we'll rather bind ourselves to our excuses.
7. You can achieve loads with people you don't even know and with limited resources if you all are focused on the same goals and to quit is NOT an option.

You will be unable to achieve much if you subject your mind to the will of your body and  vice-versa.

If you want to see a masaive change in your life, keep your body's cravings in check and allow your mind focus on your goals.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Why Blame Myself When Nothing is My Fault?!

It’s amazing how some people advocate that I take responsibility for my life. Yes, it’s my life but can anyone denied the fact that many people have imputed things I may actually not appreciate into my life? I know that I shouldn’t be in this place, on this level, on this scale but things are complicated and all the blames lie firmly in what others have done to me.

Do you think I would be struggling financially now if God had given me the brain of Albert Einstein, the foresight of Henry Ford, or the raw skills of Lionel Messi? Had God blessed me with multiple talents like that of Thomas Edison, the culinary skills of Colonel Sanders,  made me a thinker like Steve Jobs, given me the oratory skills of Zig Ziglar or made me a whizkid like Mark Zukerberg, I sure will be a billionaire today too. Those guys had it all so easy because God decided to bless them with gifts that made them great. But me, he left with nothing of note. I’ve got no skill, no talent, no passion and you say it’s my fault? I disagree. Plus, God could easily had made me an American, allow me to be born into the British Monarchy or better still, made be the Crown Prince of the UAE. I sort of like the zing of the last one…hmmn!

My parents didn’t give me the best life either. I see all around what parents do for their children. If my forefathers hadn’t be lazy and counting the stars when their mates where seizing lands and winning territories, I definitely will not be in this distasteful situation now. Unlike some, I didn’t attend the best schools and were you to see the word ‘Harvard’ anywhere in my CV, it definitely would have been forged! My parents’ failures are now my own burden. They cannot even afford to set me up in business. And some children have their parents dolling out money to them ceaselessly and without promptings. Ah!

My teachers have failed me too and so have my friends. My pastor collects the little I have and surf the world in his customized jet while I pick up a fraction- albeit minute- of his weighty bills. My neighbour wouldn’t assist me even though he has the means and connection to so do. The rich exploit me and wouldn’t pay anything of value for the long period I spend working each day making them richer. They drive around in fanciful cars while I physically, emotionally and mentally deteriorate under the sheer weight of doing their work. I would have had a better life if my boss was kind and fair and definitely would be better at my jobs were I giving the opportunity to display the vast array of skills and competencies inside me.

The government has failed me. All they care about is their exalted positions. They are too preoccupied with looting the treasury they’ve forgotten that I need them to excel. No jobs, no social benefits, no grants, no increase in salaries, high taxes and absolutely no brains in their heads. I would have been a massive success but for the useless governments that keep making life miserable for me. I am all for a bloody revolution!

I know that you’re thinking:

“Mr Nika Burga, has the quality of your life improved since you started blaming everyone and seeing absolutely no wrong, fault or blame that is yours?”

Why blame myself when nothing is my fault? You know what? If you have decided to help me all these while, rather than asking me stupid questions about my life, I am sure the quality of my life would have been top notched at this time. Blame lie at your feet too. Do something tangible for me, rather than giving me pieces of advice all the time.

Friday 10 May 2013


'Failure' is not the opposite of 'Success'
Remember 'Words and Opposite' in English classes when men were kids and those gorgeous ladies around were but lil' girls? Yeah...not sure it was a favourite for me back in the days even though I inevitably grew to learn the antonyms of words. However, I can confidently inform you that, contrary to widespread insinuations, 'Failure' is NOT the opposite of 'success'.
If you go about thinking you need to stay away from Failure to succeed, then think again. This exact way of thinking is what has robbed countless potential entrepreneurs of the joy and fulfillment that would have accompany their-now aborted- dreams and visions.

It's more of a conundrum: You have to NOT fail to succeed, yet you cannot succeed UNLESS you fail. Many will think it a vexing conundrum even, yet to have any chance of sustained and progressive success, you must mature to the point when you no longer live by the fear and dread of failure.

Mind you, the idea is not to make you a comfortable failure instead, or add a viable point to your over-used reasons for continuously failing at the things you do. Rather, it is to engrave upon your heart and imprint deep into your consciousness the golden fact that Failure carries with it keys and secret recipes to Success. Your mission is to disect how, why and where you failed and LEARN how, why and where NOT to fail. This knowledge will become invaluable in your drive to become successful. Moan, blame yourself or others and you lose the lesson and the knowledge inherent in the failure necessary to aid your success pursuits.
'So, how is Mr. Nika Burga so sure he's correct?' You seems to ask me.

Simple. The greatest successes are also the greatest failures. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Walt Disney and on and on and on...
Plus, if you ask any successful man about Failure, he certainly will be quick, and firm, to inform you that he wouldn't have become as successful as he now has were it not for the lessons learnt in the times of failures.

Note that success does not lie in failure; it lies in the effective and efficient use of the lessons learnt from failures. If you fail, learn nothing useful to propel your success drive or you choose not to apply the lessons learnt, you will fail over and over and each time get farther away from Success. Failure may not be the opposite of Success, but it isn't- by itself- Success' best friend either. Again, it is in the application of the positive lessons learnt in failures that successes are born.

Now, you have a choice to view challenges and failures in a different, more useful, light that will flame your passion to succeed and actually help you become successful. The vital question remains: Will you take the choice?

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Wednesday 1 May 2013


All my life, I have hated dishonesty. Safe to conclude that there was a heavy dose of parental panel-beating to ensure this but then, as adults, we ultimately chose whether to stick with the things we heard and saw when we were children or to accumulate other habits we consider appropriate to whatever it is we want to make of our lives.
Other than ‘love’, I cannot think of something else that people so openly and hastily pursue every day yet with most having little, if anything, to show for their dissipated virtues. Success has become an abami (a creepy thing) or an enigma if you like.
Many have fingered it as the reason they killed loved ones, ruin the lives of fellow humans, destroy another’s career, abandoned marriage vows, make a mockery of parenting, held-on illegally to authority and power, impoverish several people and even turn against the Supernatural. Many more have admitted that they will do anything to have a slice of Success- anything!
Yet, Success remains elusive. It appears he enjoys seeing able-bodied men rise while cocks are still dozing and sweat it out all day long trying to figure out the path to his doorsteps. Really, he does feel on top of the world sheepishly flashing the ‘Most Sought-after’ sign on his designer shirt while humanity engage in all manner of things under heaven to arrive at his fabled golden gates.
Do you think you can find a near accurate estimation of how much money have been spent trying to track Success and find the easiest path to his kingdom? What’s the worth of the books published in his honour or the value of the seminars held at his instance? I doubt even the computer can accurately count the numbers of ‘success tips’ being brandish around the universe or the sheer numbers of souls that have perish in their quest to have their names mentioned in the same sentence as Success.
Why would Success do this to us? Why afflict us this much? Seeing that humanity is seemingly in love with him, why does he leave most of us with Failure when we would rather be with him? Why will he give us false hope of progresses and illusory victories yet stay far aloof when we seem so near? Why?
If you ask me, “Mr. Nika Burga, what do you think?” My answer will simply be this:
“Success is a crook!”
Or, are we?

Friday 12 April 2013


Colonel Harland Sanders (9/9/1890-16/12/1980)

PROFILE     Sanders lost his father at six, was homeless twice (at twelve and at sixty-two), did countless odd jobs, started a new business at forty (which was razed by fire nine years later), became broke at sixty-two and started driving around his country, trying to persuade restaurant owners to pay the franchise fee of his Secret Recipe, sleeping in his car.
                       He won his war against poverty and failure. He represents the symbol of entrepreneurial spirit as he was an early pioneer of restaurant franchise concept and founded KFC, the world’s largest chain of fried chicken fast food restaurant and today the second largest restaurant chain after McDonald’s. All these after he turned sixty-five.
Whatever are your best (or, worse) reasons for giving up on your dreams and concluding that you cannot achieve your original visions and dreams, by the time you are done with the Colonel’s story, you will no longer find any form of justification(s) for the excuses you have been giving to the world-and to yourself. You will be inspired by a man who defiled a host of negative positions and circumstances to give the world the fastest growing chicken joint in the world. If you are ready, we are ready to take you on a voyage we assure you will positively turn your world around and give you the impetus to push a little further and stay positive a while longer till you achieve your heart’s greatest desires.

Early tragedies Colonel Harland Sanders lost his father when he was just six. Had to do loads of cooking at that age and took care of his two younger siblings, while his mother worked in a tomato-canning factory to fend for the family. You can imagine how hellish life would have been for him growing up. He dropped out of school at twelve as he was the subject of abuse and beating from his step-father, for his mother re-married in 1902.  Sanders ended up doing loads of odd jobs here and there and finally opened a service station in 1930, just to ensure that his life’s story is not concluded on the red page of failure.

Late bloomer Mr. Sanders would not give up on his life; he kept working hard and sticking to his dreams. At the age of 40, he started selling his fried chicken recipe from a dining room at his service station. He called the place The Sanders Court & Café.  

Fighter In 1939, just nine years after he opened The Sanders Court & Café, it burnt down but Sanders had overcome several worse circumstances in his life. He merely rebuilt and reopened The Sanders Court & Café that same year and continued with his business.

Great adapter When he was 62, his business had out-grown his service station and he had purchased a property opposite it where he was able to put 142 seats in the dining room. Things were going on well until the business environment changed suddenly. The Sanders Court & Café served travellers but a new interstate road was built which by-passed the location of his business. He sold off the business and decided to go through the country with the aim of selling the franchise of his recipe (I am reminded of the morals of the great book Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson- Sanders’ cheese was moved but rather than complain and moan over his ill-luck, he decided to move with the cheese, change his approach to business and put in place counter plans that would take care of the changes). He receives his social security cheque of $105, sold his station, paid his debts and became virtually broke. He got into his car and drove around the country trying to convince restaurant owners to buy the franchise of his Secret Recipe. At an age when most would have gba kamu (accepted their fate), he showed great resolved by taking his destiny by the horns and writing his own success story on life’s success pages.

Persistence Sanders offered his expertise in cooking and his recipe (franchise) to countless restaurants in the U.S. and got more than a thousand ‘No’s (1009 times, to be precise) before he was accepted by Pete Harman of Salt Lake City in 1952. Any other person who gets turned down over a thousand times in an attempt to sell his vision would stop trying, abandon his vision and give up. Not Sanders, who kept going until he got someone to believe in his vision at the (over-ripe?) age of 62 years. That was not the end of the story. He kept on working and selling his ideas until he found someone who was ready to believe in his dreams to build what is today known as KFC. He was aged 65 years then and the year was 1955. Five years later and there were 190 KFC franchisees and 400 franchise units in the U.S. and Canada.

Quote-  Colonel Harland Sanders 
There is no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can’t do any business from there.
Verdict If Sanders could make it through the hordes of challenges he regularly faced, your excuses for failure cannot be tenable. Brace yourself and be ready to make fearless decisions from time to time. Don’t stick to a single plan. If there is a change in your (business) environment, make changes to counter them. In everything you do, ensure that you are always ready to be on top, to succeed no matter what challenges come your way. Be bold and fearless. Be tactful and tenacious. Like Sanders, never say ‘never’; give it all you’ve got and you will be one happy person.